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If It Happens At Work, We Can Help

Mize PC

Mize PC: If It Happens at Work, We Can Help

Mize PC offers uniquely deep experience in employment law. With experience representing both companies and individuals, we anticipate the unexpected in ways few firms can—strategically, efficiently, and fearlessly.

EXPERTISE Employment matters.

Our collective experience in employment law spans 35 years and countless cases, some of the most successful of which were resolved before ever reaching court.


Whether you’re looking to address a difficult situation or your company has been served, we handle everything from anti-discrimination suits to FLSA-related cases.

HR Risk Avoidance

Think of Mize PC as your insurance policy against risks you weren’t even aware existed concerning policy drafting, training, and compliance audits.


We draft and evaluate employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, agreements restricting competition, agreements protecting confidential information and trade secrets, severance agreements, and more.


We help companies proactively address a range of issues, creating an attorney-client privileged record of incidents that protects you from liability.

For fearless expertise on any employment-related issue, we’re on the job.